Northern Panhandle

 Air Stagnation Advisory  Statement as of 11:41 am PST on November 28, 2015

... Air stagnation advisory remains in effect until noon PST

* air quality... poor ventilation will result in a build up of
pollutants near the surface. Mountain valleys will be especially
susceptible to stagnant air and pollution build up. Light
northeasterly winds across the Columbia Basin will also tend to
push pollutants up against the east slopes of the northern
Cascades Saturday. These winds will become calm by Sunday with
a greater risk of pollutant build up over much of the region by
this time.

* Timing... through Monday morning.

* Impacts... prolonged periods of stagnant air can hold fine
particulates close to the ground and degrade air quality.

Precautionary/preparedness actions...

An air stagnation advisory indicates that due to limited movement
of an air mass across the advisory area... pollution has the
potential to increase to dangerous levels. Persons with
respiratory illness should follow their physicians advice for
dealing with high levels of air pollution.

During periods of stagnant air... state air quality agencies
highly recommended that no outdoor burning occur and that
residential wood burning devices be limited as much as possible.
According to state air quality agencies... prolonged periods of
stagnant air can hold pollutants close to the ground... where
people live and breathe.

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